Somewhere Between New York & Nepal

Like in a dream I met him
And I knew him from long ago
The air was thin between us
And now I knows
That he was more than a father to me
Though he spoke like to his son
And only I could help him
Yeah, I was the only one
I was the chosen one...

Tales of distant power
His story became my own
They both decided to listen
Or to be left alone
Tales of higher knowledge
I whispered, "so it be"
Then he smiled, took her hand, offered me the key
The key to hell and heaven
The key to wisdom lost
He left me then, promising whatever it might cost
It will be worth to pay the price that I might have to pay
Then he was gone, and I knew we'll meet again some day
We'll meet again, someday...

©: depresleys, 1997, 2007