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Who are the cosmic people? I guess we are, and so are you if you are part of this universe. The title Cosmic People, however, was a present given to us by the late Bea Verdi. Bea was a staff writer/composer at Motown and used to hang out at our studio in Topanga Canyon. One night, as we were listening to some new songs (some of which are found on the album) Bea declared that "the cosmic people" wanted us to know that ???? would be a hit. None of us quite knew who the cosmic people were, nor did we dare to ask, but the phrase stuck. It even became a song, written in honor of dear Bea!

The album is a collection of songs that did not naturally fit on Leaking Blue.

Rock on, Bea˗˗wherever you are!

It was wonderful meeting you and hearing your musical gifts performed so beatifully. I am grateful to God for having shared our music & our love of our creator. I lift you all up to the Lord & ask for continued blessings to be poured out upon you & you loved ones as well. Your songs are very moving and I thoroughly enjoy each one. Thank you for your love and for your desire to perform ‘Sweet Dreams’ .. I know John L. is happy about that as well.
— Bea Verdi, Motown composer