The story of the making of depresleys LP ”Leaking Blue” could be encapsulated in the following  statement; It was a lengthy struggle to prove that; on our own, and without a penny of financial support, we could produce a timeless masterwork that will stand alongside the all-time “greats”..

The path was long, and at times torturous, but we are very stubborn fellows and not easily dissuaded.  I feel confident that we did produce something that will eventually be recognized as a timeless studio album, by a truly great band: the depresleys...

Working with a real DIY budget meant that we relied exclusively on “spec” musical contributions by our faithful and generous friends, who fortunately include some of the best musicians in the world, and it also meant that we recorded mostly at my Topanga Canyon post-production studio “Apparatus”, where we hung out on the deck with my sweet old studio dawg Blue and the eccentric locals, and ate impressive amounts of frozen pizza, pasta, my legendary “one-pot-hippy-roasts” and ice cream during our frequent “depresleys camps”.

Building on a strong foundation of; Geir’s utterly original composition and arrangements, Jons unique voice, visionary poetry and composition, and Rick’s fiery, lyrical drumming, we were able to enlist the help of some legendary musicians, who volunteered to help with our masterpiece in the making..

Terry Haggarty, Josh Sklair, Mario Cippolina, Cliff Hugo, Gail Muldrow, Bobby Tsukimoto, Louie Callas, Richard Hardy, Johannes Bjerga and Torbjorn (T-Bone) Andersson are just a few of the dear friends who have generously contributed their talents over the course of producing Leaking Blue.

When we were finally done, we were so deeply involved with the project that we needed some time before we could listen with objectivity. When that moment finally came, the magnitude of what we had accomplished took some time to sink in.