The Band

Depresleys is more than a band; it’s a project. No, it’s a lifestyle. A gravitational center, and if you get sucked in, you will never escape. At least not unscathed.

The kind of black hole that occupies the center of the depresleys’ universe is a mystery. We, the dp’s, have tried to figure it out for years without success. All we know is that we’ve found some kind of source that keeps offering up inspiration and creativity such that we’ve been able to get through the “less pleasurable” periods of our careers. And, after all is said and done, what’s important, what we will leave behind, are the songs. We have accumulated quite a number; last time we counted, there were 322 of them, 322 original dp creations that live and breathe and demand a life of their own. Perhaps that is the answer to the mystery? What has a stronger gravitational pull than art itself? It’s a good answer. We like it.

From rehearsals 2011, California

“Amazing music and great vocals on an electronica album is not usually expected, but that’s what you get here. No, the vocals are not covered up by electronic effects, nor is the music so techno that is ends up becoming boring. This is real music. I would call it more of an electronic progressive pop style than anything. The programing is masterful and the vocals are excellent. It doesn’t stop there though. dePresleys push the envelope of songwriting and have created a collection of songs that provide intelligent lyrics and amazing arrangements. You can tell right away that this music wasn’t made overnight. A lot of thought, soul and skill went into this, and it was all worth it on this end. Great Music! What else can be said?”
— Michael Allison - THEGLOBALMUSE.COM

Influences and Inspiration

Singer/cellist Sasha Siem recently said that the British press found her music to contain some of that “Norwegian melancholy.” Sure, her father is Norwegian, but Sasha commutes between London and New York with her cello and angelic voice. Could there still be a connection between her lineage and that touch of melancholy? We believe there could be. As a matter of fact, we have been told exactly the same thing about our music. We tribute it to the “arctic spirit,” that if it’s in your blood, it will appear in your art.

In our case, that spirit has been united with the spirit of the desert, as well as that of the enigmatic and multifaceted culture of urban Los Angeles and London. These things are felt rather than heard. We may have listened to The Clash, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Brian Wilson, and Mari Boine, but you would not necessarily guess that from listening to a depresleys album. They say that you are what you eat; we say that you become what you read, listen to, and watch, as well as whom you hang out with. We, as a band, have been surrounded by such a variety of cultural influences that our musical profile has become unique. At least that’s what we are told. We agree.

“Eccentric, enigmatic, and totally surprising...the depresleys’ quirky rock and urbane pop will leave you breathless...”
— Music Connection