Trailer Park

I’ve got dirty hands and a beating heart
I’ve got a beat up Buick that’ll always start
I’ve got a stretch of road up ahead of me
Mostly desert, from what I can see
There’s a woman waiting in a trailer park
She’s been waiting for days, and now it’s after dark
But I won’t slow down; I’ll be pressing on
I’m such a long way from what I call my home

She and I met when we were sort of young
You know how it is; feelings just grow strong
And I tried so hard for a long long time
To be a good dog… for a while I did fine
But you know, the road kept calling my name
My woman broke down; she thought she was to blame
But the open road’s got a grip on my soul
I was hoping it would change, as I grew older
But it didn’t…

So, when you see my taillights disappear in the dark
You’ll know I’m heading towards a trailer park
Where a woman’s waiting for me to return
She won’t expect me to stay long; that much she’s learned
But I’ll do what I can, and I know what to do
To keep my woman from feeling blue
And we’ll both be happy for a few days
Until one day I’m gone, without a trace
Yeah, I’ll be gone without a trace…

I’ve got dirty hands and a bleeding heart
I’ve got a woman waiting in a trailer park
At least I hope she’ll be there, waiting still
I hope she always will…

I hope she always will

©: depresleys, 1999, 2007