depresleys is more than a band. It's a project. No, it is a lifestyle. A gravitational center, out of which, if you get sucked in, you will never escape. At least not unscathed.

What kind of black hole occupies the center of the depresleys universe is a mystery. We--the dp's--have tried to figure it out for years without success. All we know is that we've found some kind of source that keeps offering up inspiration and creativity enough that we've been able to get through the "less pleasurable" periods of our careers. And, after all is said and done, what's important, what we will leave behind, are the songs. We have accumulated quite a number... last time we counted there were 322 of them. 322 original dp creations that live and breathe and demand a life of their own. Perhaps that is the answer to the mystery? What has a stronger gravitational pull than art itself? It is a good answer. We like it.