The Bridge Between Space And Time

Calling out to a cynical world - I'll never
let you become part of me - you see...
there's no place I would rather be than
anywhere else than here

you couldn't care less about who I am - or
what I am - or
where I am

I'm ok with that cause I intend to find
the bridge between space and time

she brings color to my sky
and coolness to the breeze
she is the beauty before my eyes
she is love, she is peace
she is my peace

calling out into the deep dark void
to the zombies and clones
to the mindles androids
I know your dirty little secrets
your can of worms
you're nothing but masks and uniforms

you've draped yourself in the glory and authority
of someone who've learned the answers by heart
you may start by asking the right question... you may find
the bridge between space and time...